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Flash Online Program | Teacher Resources & Lesson Management

Online Authoring Tools for Teachers and Homeschoolers:'s browser based Flash educational online content powers a brand new part of the education software web learning program. As a teacher or homeschooling parent (or student) you can create your own lessons and have them shared instantly with others, including your students and other teachers, parents, homeschoolers - anyone. Anyone with a web browser can participate from any location at any time.

- You (or your students) create lessons using your browser and the game topic you have chosen

- Your lessons become instantly available to everyone - all your students and colleagues

- Your students can play and learn online any and all of the lessons you have created for them

- You can even create and share your own vocabulary, math equations, chemistry facts, etc.

Online Program Lesson Maker | Create Lessons Online with just your Browser

How it works now | Lesson Creation: You can use any existing online lessons, or if you want to add to the online lessons available you can create your own lessons online to share and use over and over. The easiest way to create your own lesson content is to use the Lesson Manager (part of the free online program). You can create lessons directly without playing any of the games. Follow the links in the above table to the 'Direct Lesson Creation' for the learning topic you are teaching. You can also create lessons from within any of the available Flash learning games - you simply need to run the game of your choice (the 'Game' links in the above table will take you to the games). Click the 'Play Now' button to get a game started. The Lesson Manager dialog will open. Click the "Open Lesson Maker' button on the bottom left of the practice list box and create a new lesson. It will be instantly available online. Repeat the process to create more lessons.

Online Program Flash Games | Dictionary / Math Equation / Chemistry Equation Maker for Online Lessons

How it works now | Vocabulary Creation / Equation Editor / Dictionary Editor: Use the links in the table above for the 'Dictionary / Vocabulary Editor' for the appropriate topic to start the online authoring tools to create your own content for lessons. Is there a Latin word in your lesson plans, but not in the Latin online program dictionary? Just add that word. It will be instantly available for you and the community to use in your Latin lessons. You can also edit existing entries in the shared user community dictionary to correct errors (be certain your correction is right before saving a change to an existing entry).

In Game (student management of vocabulary) Adding of new Dictionary Items (Language Games): Within the playing games, there is another way to add vocabulary or questions. It is best suited for your students to suggest their own vocabulary additions, if they prefer not to use the stand alone online lesson manager tool. They should Click the 'Correct/Submit New Vocabulary Entry' at the bottom of the Lesson List box and use the suggestion box to submit as many corrections or new vocabulary requests as they would like. We'll convert them to the game format and then include them in the available vocabulary from which you and your students can create lessons. Don't worry about the format of the submission. This is an easy way for younger kids to suggest new content without having to worry about how to submit.

Where do these dictionary item submissions go for these in-game submissions? If you or a student use the in game method to submit a dictionary item correction or a new dictionary item from within a game it will end up in the 'User Community Submissions' list when you use the Stand Alone Lesson Manager for the learning topic for which you submitted the dictionary item. For example, if you submit a request for an addition to the Latin Dictionary you will find it appearing in the Latin Language Lesson Manager dialog in the 'User Community Submissions' list box below the main dictionary list box. At this time, you need to run the Stand Alone Dictionary / Vocabulary Editor authoring tool to create user community dictionary entries which will be 'live' immediately to the community.

Stand Alone Lesson Manager: We now offer a stand-alone lesson manager so you as a teacher do not have to go encounter any game aspects when creating lessons. As we add more game styles based on the learning content, this will remain one central place where you can manage your lessons independently of the game styles your students may elect to use while learning the materials you have created. Follow the links in the above table to the 'Direct Lesson Creation' for the learning topic you are teaching.

Stand Alone Content Editor and Content Authoring Tools: Use the above links for 'Dictionary / Vocabulary Editors' to open the authoring tools to allow you to create content which will be immediately 'live' available to the user community for you and others to incorporate into online lessons.

What to do now? All of the materials you create now will be carried forward as we upgrade the online programs, so please start right away to add lesson content via the above managers and in-game interface (follow any of the above links in the table). Nothing will be lost as we streamline the process.

What is coming? We'll be adding a variety of game types so that your students can choose learning styles that best suit their individual preferences, while still learning the same content you have provided for them. More powerful authoring tools for you will be added to the system as well. Please bear with us as we make this transition!

- More game styles to suit your student preferences and keep learning appealing

- More lesson management and editing tools

- Tracking of results (as in the Windows Hungryfrog software)

- More features for analysis and understanding of the learning progress

- lots more!

This lesson management page is part of the Hungryfrog educational software online learning software program integrating computer training at home or homeschool with free browser based Flash educational software on the web.

Using Hungryfrog Windows software for the PC and the Hungryfrog educational software online program you can share your own lessons with others - share your Latin lessons, Spanish lessons, Math lessons and more. Download the Windows software and make your own game backgrounds and game sounds for your frogs. Make your own language dictionaries and lessons. Use pictures and sounds made by others in the online learning program community - both homeschool and K-12 through high school. Use the Flash browser based online program to instantly create and share lessons for others to use right away - or for your students to use at your suggestion.